Impacted Party

The person harmed by an offense is given a voice in the restorative process to engage the one who committed the act. The Impacted Party is the most appropriate person to describe the needs created by the event and help determine ways the Responsible Party can start to make things as right as possible.

Responsible Party

Just as the title suggests, this is the person who commited a harmful act and wants to make amends with those hurt. At a restorative meeting the responsible party is given the opportunity to explain his or her actions and help create an accountability plan.

Community Members

It takes a village...Community Members are important to the restorative process because they can give support to the parties involved in a conflict and support both the Impacted Party and the Responsible Party as they move forward.




All Cases Have a Restorative Meeting

At this meeting, stakeholders identify the needs created by an event and collectively determine a path forward that is focused on accountability and support.