From Our Partners

"If a mother of a murdered child can believe in restorative justice, then so can I."


~ Judge Harris of Suffolk County

"I support restorative justice programs because they require offenders to take responsibility for their actions, listen to the victims, and take active and concrete steps to make amends to the victim and community.”


~ District Attorney Marian Ryan

My first day of circle training was incredibly powerful and moving."


~ Judge Jay Blitzman of Middlesex County

About the Process

"We felt like this program took time to understand us more than the court would’ve."


~ Raekwon (15) & Robert (15)


About the Reparation Agreement

"This program helps you learn from your mistakes."


~ Robert (15)

"The RJ program had a big impact on my life in many ways. It helped me grow up and take responsibility for my actions and now I think about the consequences of what I do."


~ Raekwon (15)

"The Reparation Agreement engraves in your brain what you did wrong & always reminds you not to make the same choices."


~ Raekwon (15)

"The process was reflective and good. It helps to have a lot of input from the people in your life who care about you. We didn’t know how much the people in our community cared about us and wanted us to succeed." 


~ Co-Defendants in a Theft Case

"I appreciate that I was given a second chance!"


~ Anonymous

About the Restorative Meeting

"Before the meeting I was too ashamed to talk about what I did but at the meeting I felt like I expressed myself like never before. I had a chance to take responsibility for what I did."


~ Robert (15)